Terms of use policy
  1.  The lessee acknowledges that he/she has examined the leased equipment & agrees that such leased equipment is in good repair & in proper working order. The lessee acknowledges receipt of a copy of this agreement & accepts all conditions herein stated.

  2. The lessee agrees to operate said equipment only in a matter for which it is intended & not to attempt to make any repairs of any nature, kind or description, & in the event said equipment becomes inoperative, lesser is to be notified at once.

  3. The lessee acknowledges that there is no guarantee on bulbs & agrees to pay full value for bulbs broken or damaged from any cause. All burned out rental bulbs must be returned or they will be deemed to have been broken.

  4. The lessee agrees that he/she will return the said equipment in the same condition as he/she received it (reasonable wear & tear only accepted). The lessee further agrees to reimburse the lessor for any repairs or replacements necessary to restore the leased equipment to the condition in witch it was received.

  5. The lessee agrees that the lessor is not responsible for any damage, loss or injury whatsoever to the persons or property caused by, or arising out of directly or indirectly, the use of the leased equipment. The lessee further agrees to indemnify & to save harmless the lessor from any claims, actions, or suits which may arise while the equipment is in the possession of the lessee herein.

  6. The lessee agrees not to loan, sublet, or in any matter dispose of or encumber the said leased equipment & agrees not to cover or remove any tag, name plate or stencil attached to said leased equipment.

  7. The lessee agrees to provide insurance coverage for the leased equipment listed herein & agrees to assume full liability for the safe keeping of the said equipment & at the option of the lessor to supply certificate of insurance for the same.

  8. In the event that the lessee defaults in the rental payment(s) or failure to return the said equipment on the due date or upon the breach of any other term of this said agreement, lessee hereby agrees to pay all damages and costs. This includes all legal cost on a solicitor & client basis incurred by the lessor in protecting its rights or property under this agreement.

  9. The lesser further agrees that upon default in rental payment(s) or failure to return said leased equipment on the due date or upon the breach of any term of this said agreement, the lessor may immediately take possession of the said equipment.

  10. The lessee agrees to return said equipment to the lessor upon demand, & if not returned within twenty four (24) hours the lessor may without prior consent or court order enter upon the lessee’s premises to repossess all or any part of its equipment whenever it deems necessary. The lessee hereby specifically consents to any entry onto its property by the lessor in the furtherance of this clause.

  11. The lessee also agrees that rental charges, NSF charges ($55.00), or any charge incurred by the lessee can be billed to the lessee’s credit card by the lessor.

  12. All operated, set-up or tear down, deliveries /pickups involved events that are over 100KM from shop will require hotel room(s) to cover the amount of staff working at the expense of the client / lessee for the duration of the event.

  13. Client / lessee is responsible for all SOCAN and other MUSIC RELATED FEES charge by venues or otherwise.

Terms of Use Policy


Event Tent Terms Policy

  1. All of the "Terms of Use Policy" are in effect as well as these additional terms.

  2. All event tents must be pre-paid 50% with a Non-refundable deposit. All rentals must be paid in full by day of event.

  3. If a event tent is canceled, the 50% deposit will be forfeited. NO EXCEPTIONS!

  4. Event tent set-up and tear down are NOT included in price. Delivery/set-up/tear down is extra .

  5. Some areas require a permit for setting up a event tent or inclosing a event tent, you are responsible for obtaining permit and costs of permit.